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Easy Ways To Facilitate Cold Sore Treatment

Have an outbreak in the genital region during labor we advise them to have a c-section because that will be safer and help to decrease transmission to the infant and the infant if it’s born and has genital herpes what would the impact beyond that infant it it can be very serious they can get a meningitis they can get a really serious infection from it dr. woo thank you so much for being with us I’m Denise Richardson for Houdini calm hello this is dr. latecomer and today I’d Like to talk to you about a common viral infection.

where there’s much confusion and that infection is herpes now herpes can be broken down into two primary infections either herpes simplex Cold Sore Treatment or herpes zoster and the simplex infection can is can affect two primaries the oral herpes or genital herpes but it’s also been associated with a number of clinical conditions and and some of the more common ones would be Bell’s palsy or multiple sclerosis or even Alzheimer’s disease but that one that we were going to most commonly be concerned with and and interested in is oral herpes and the the reason there’s a lot of confusion out is because there’s another condition that is commonly confused with oral herpes or it’s come sometime called cold sores and that alter the other confusing symptom.

syndrome is canker sores there’s a distinct and clear difference canker sores are an autoimmune problem typically a reaction to chocolate citrus or wheat and they in no way shape or form will ever respond to any type of herpes intervention I’ll talk about those in a moment so what is a canker sore a canker sore typically is another term for it’s called.